Professor Theo Kyprianou



Professor Theo Kyprianou

Director and Chief Medical Officer

Professor Theo Kyprianou is a distinguished senior clinician, researcher and educator in the fields of Respiratory and Intensive Care Medicine. He currently practices as a consultant physician at a large hospital trust in the West Country, and as an associate professor at the University of Nicosia Medical School in Cyprus.

Theo has held leadership positions at the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine and various scientific committees of EU-funded flagship research programs, including a network scheme run by the European Cooperation Science and Technology (COST) organisation.

His research interests focus on ICU eHealth, bio-signals and Big Data analytics.  He is a regular international speaker on Clinical Science and Health Informatics, as a recognised ‘thought leader’. Staying true to his heritage, Theo mentors young entrepreneurs in healthcare through the IDEA Innovation Center in Cyprus.

As the CMO of ideation.AI, Theo is a driving force behind product development, championing clinical excellence, with a focus on research, quality control, evolution, and refinement of process and infrastructure. He is a firm believer in an interdisciplinary approach to every clinical problem or research question.

Theo brings a wealth of knowledge and is uniquely placed to offer clinical insight across new and unshaped pathways.